Friday, September 14, 2012

Just the beginning

So here it is.. it's finally happening!!!!     Having a blog isn't it.. It is making the first post!!  
       I have been pondering, and rough drafting, and contemplating, and doing what I naturally do, which pretty much goes a little something like this:
Over think? Perfectionist by default.
Get carried away? I'm a dreamer.
Have good intentions but things take forever to actually happen? I can identify as a procrastinator for sure, but my mind is always progressive. Just when a solid thought comes along, I can quickly trail off into left field somewhere with a bagillion other ideas and how to incorporate a bagillion other people, places, or things, sometimes forgetting that very first solid important thought! *phew*    Focus!!   I am learning just that.  Slow down; go back; breathe.  That first thought?  Knock it out, see what's next.
"Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today."  Benjamin Franklin?  Such a smart guy.

 Despite my wandering mind, the one thing that remains true, the attribute that cultivates the eternal hyperactive madness that is my brain, is love.  I love love, and when I love, I love wholeheartedly.  And when I love something or someone, it is generally all that I can manage to discuss... and I get soo excited!! :D    You see, I am a positive, glass half-full kinda girl.  I believe in the transference of energy; that ones thoughts project onto those around them.  I've been told I have positive energy by some folk, and i'm imagining it's cause of the looove.  :)  I truly live for sharing with others, the things that light up my life.  I hope to share the love; spread the positive energy.
 So far I have decided this:   I will begin here, and not worry about the rest.

I am Sarah; a 26 year old Hairstylist from the Boston area.
I am a daughter to remarkable, strong parents, who although did not last in a partnership, conceived me out of love.
I am a big sister, doing the best I can to be a good role model; to encourage and empower the two brightest, most beloved kids in my world.
I am a granddaughter, a niece, a cousin.
A partner in life to the most extraordinary of gentlemen; the coolest guy I know, and the possessor of my heart.
I am a BFF, a best friend, and a friendly acquaintance. ;) ;)

I will surely learn and grown with each new post I create.  I hope that you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoy sharing.  :)   This is Lovery: the online network in which I come to display and share with you, all the things I love. :)