Monday, April 22, 2013

Wedded Bliss

To be in the presence of a bride on her wedding day is something that I hold dear, respect wholly, and find to be one of the greatest honors.  It is on that day more than any other day, she wants to present the best version of herself.  I carry the responsibility of contributing to giving her that feeling of pride and confidence, by cultivating one of the important attributes that defines a person.   
Sculpting and styling and coiffing someones hair until they are feeling like *themselves*; until they feel *beautiful*.
I cherish those moments spent with people. Where I have made a difference.  Where I have helped them achieve that feeling of perfection; of completeness; of exhilaration.   Sharing the intimate moments leading up to one of the most important events in a persons life is indescribable.  
I love my job.  
The rewards are boundless.  
Love is beautiful.  
A person in love is divine.  <3

These two beautiful people happen to be close to my heart.  Nicole and Rob are dear friends of ours.  Being invited to celebrate the love and commitment these two share was awe-inspiring and meaningful.  To do her hair was something else entirely...  ***I am such a lucky girl***  <3

For the love of Hair

One of my most favorite things in this life is creating.  
One of my most favorite mediums to create with, is hair. <3

The concept for this shoot was "Broken Dolls"
Hair by me, Make-up by Adania <3
Photography by Kevin Du
Photoshoot organized by Greenline Productions

The delightful and appreciative Model Olea and I after the shoot :)
She asked to take a photo with me. ***I blushed.***

Monday, March 4, 2013

Jewelry. Organization. Art.

My entire life, I have spent collectively like a bagillion hours organizing and displaying the jewelry I love.  Accessories have always had a special place in my heart.  I like shiny things, especially of the golden persuasion..  
The collection has grown and grown throughout the years, and I have conjured up all sorts of ways to keep em' together and lookin' their finest.  I've tried ice cube trays..giant glass bowls..traditional jewelry boxes..<lame, right?>  Well I must say, things are looking pretty much the best they've ever looked.  I have acquired some pieces that organize my life, and represent me.  The oldest piece was from my high school graduation.  While it technically doesn't hold my jewelries, it's certainly part of the bigger picture.  ;)
 I was at a music/craft festival last summer, and as I was walking past a booth, this dazzling commodity caught my eye and drew me in like quicksand through the crowd.  I was so taken back and absolutely delighted by all of the wondrous things I saw that I zoomed into that merchants arms and I hugged her.  Yes, I hugged her.  I still don't know what came over me; we both were confused by what had happened, but it happened.. and we laughed.    All around her were these beautiful frames of all shapes and sizes, each containing it's own beautiful image(s), with varying colors.. Undoubtedly there was a perfect frame for everyone.  The one for me happened to be modeling for the day.  Sitting front row, sun shining upon it; some of her own jewelry hanging on it so we get the picture.  <haha;"get the picture">   It looked like it was mine already. She must've clearly made it because she knew I was coming, right?   Any how, I went home that day with that very piece <as well as a giantly awesome reusable shopping bag that I use and it makes me smile>.


It is finally on the wall where it was meant to be, in our apartment, in our bedroom, with all of my shiny pretty things all over it. :) :)  It is my absolute most favorite. I will have it forever and then some.

    You can have your very own piece of awesome.  Contact Shannon.  She is awesome, and I love her.  :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

I got new shoes!!!!!!!

     It has taken quite some time, but I can honestly say that I now know the value of a well made shoe. :)  As a Hair Stylist working 50-60hrs/week, my feet get put to work!!!
     So shoes are one of my things; one look at my collection usually provokes the question, "do you really need all of these??".  Well in due time, maybe I won't!!  I am thrilled to begin the quest in finding fabulous, HEALTHY for my feet shoes.  :) :)  I have only owned my Pikolinos for 1 week, but have worn them every single day without fail.  Now knowing what a good shoe is supposed to feel like, I cannot imagine paying for anything else!  Oh yes, come to find out I have been wearing the wrong fit all along!  Anna, the lovely shoe clerk, learned me a few things:

1. You should have about a thumb nails length between your big toe and the tip of the shoe.
2. You should have room to wiggle your toes.  (She said you should be able to "play the piano with your toes".)
3. A sign of a well made shoe is a removable inner sole.  (a-ha!)

    Long story short, these new shoes have changed the game for me.  I have been searching for cute, stylish, comfy and supportive shoes for a few months now, and this is where it's at.  I am totally committed to being kinder to the size 8's that support me day in and day out.

Check them out for yourself!

    Classified as "European Walking shoes", my Pikolinos are my new jam.  They are stylish, unique, versatile; they are made with buttery soft leather, and the tongue is all squishy and padded and fantastic! (They feel so great that when I come home at the end of a long day, I don't even want to take them off!)  A shout out is in order to Strada shoes in the Thornes Marketplace in Northampton, MA for carrying such gems.  :)   Already eyeing my next pair.. and possibly the next..      

As I discover more tried and true brands, you bet i'll be sharing.  ;)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Just the beginning

So here it is.. it's finally happening!!!!     Having a blog isn't it.. It is making the first post!!  
       I have been pondering, and rough drafting, and contemplating, and doing what I naturally do, which pretty much goes a little something like this:
Over think? Perfectionist by default.
Get carried away? I'm a dreamer.
Have good intentions but things take forever to actually happen? I can identify as a procrastinator for sure, but my mind is always progressive. Just when a solid thought comes along, I can quickly trail off into left field somewhere with a bagillion other ideas and how to incorporate a bagillion other people, places, or things, sometimes forgetting that very first solid important thought! *phew*    Focus!!   I am learning just that.  Slow down; go back; breathe.  That first thought?  Knock it out, see what's next.
"Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today."  Benjamin Franklin?  Such a smart guy.

 Despite my wandering mind, the one thing that remains true, the attribute that cultivates the eternal hyperactive madness that is my brain, is love.  I love love, and when I love, I love wholeheartedly.  And when I love something or someone, it is generally all that I can manage to discuss... and I get soo excited!! :D    You see, I am a positive, glass half-full kinda girl.  I believe in the transference of energy; that ones thoughts project onto those around them.  I've been told I have positive energy by some folk, and i'm imagining it's cause of the looove.  :)  I truly live for sharing with others, the things that light up my life.  I hope to share the love; spread the positive energy.
 So far I have decided this:   I will begin here, and not worry about the rest.

I am Sarah; a 26 year old Hairstylist from the Boston area.
I am a daughter to remarkable, strong parents, who although did not last in a partnership, conceived me out of love.
I am a big sister, doing the best I can to be a good role model; to encourage and empower the two brightest, most beloved kids in my world.
I am a granddaughter, a niece, a cousin.
A partner in life to the most extraordinary of gentlemen; the coolest guy I know, and the possessor of my heart.
I am a BFF, a best friend, and a friendly acquaintance. ;) ;)

I will surely learn and grown with each new post I create.  I hope that you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoy sharing.  :)   This is Lovery: the online network in which I come to display and share with you, all the things I love. :)