Monday, March 4, 2013

Jewelry. Organization. Art.

My entire life, I have spent collectively like a bagillion hours organizing and displaying the jewelry I love.  Accessories have always had a special place in my heart.  I like shiny things, especially of the golden persuasion..  
The collection has grown and grown throughout the years, and I have conjured up all sorts of ways to keep em' together and lookin' their finest.  I've tried ice cube trays..giant glass bowls..traditional jewelry boxes..<lame, right?>  Well I must say, things are looking pretty much the best they've ever looked.  I have acquired some pieces that organize my life, and represent me.  The oldest piece was from my high school graduation.  While it technically doesn't hold my jewelries, it's certainly part of the bigger picture.  ;)
 I was at a music/craft festival last summer, and as I was walking past a booth, this dazzling commodity caught my eye and drew me in like quicksand through the crowd.  I was so taken back and absolutely delighted by all of the wondrous things I saw that I zoomed into that merchants arms and I hugged her.  Yes, I hugged her.  I still don't know what came over me; we both were confused by what had happened, but it happened.. and we laughed.    All around her were these beautiful frames of all shapes and sizes, each containing it's own beautiful image(s), with varying colors.. Undoubtedly there was a perfect frame for everyone.  The one for me happened to be modeling for the day.  Sitting front row, sun shining upon it; some of her own jewelry hanging on it so we get the picture.  <haha;"get the picture">   It looked like it was mine already. She must've clearly made it because she knew I was coming, right?   Any how, I went home that day with that very piece <as well as a giantly awesome reusable shopping bag that I use and it makes me smile>.


It is finally on the wall where it was meant to be, in our apartment, in our bedroom, with all of my shiny pretty things all over it. :) :)  It is my absolute most favorite. I will have it forever and then some.

    You can have your very own piece of awesome.  Contact Shannon.  She is awesome, and I love her.  :)

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