Monday, April 22, 2013

Wedded Bliss

To be in the presence of a bride on her wedding day is something that I hold dear, respect wholly, and find to be one of the greatest honors.  It is on that day more than any other day, she wants to present the best version of herself.  I carry the responsibility of contributing to giving her that feeling of pride and confidence, by cultivating one of the important attributes that defines a person.   
Sculpting and styling and coiffing someones hair until they are feeling like *themselves*; until they feel *beautiful*.
I cherish those moments spent with people. Where I have made a difference.  Where I have helped them achieve that feeling of perfection; of completeness; of exhilaration.   Sharing the intimate moments leading up to one of the most important events in a persons life is indescribable.  
I love my job.  
The rewards are boundless.  
Love is beautiful.  
A person in love is divine.  <3

These two beautiful people happen to be close to my heart.  Nicole and Rob are dear friends of ours.  Being invited to celebrate the love and commitment these two share was awe-inspiring and meaningful.  To do her hair was something else entirely...  ***I am such a lucky girl***  <3

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